About Me

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Hey mommies! I’m Amy from ChristmasWithTheCarrs.com!

I am a wife and mother of three kiddos and 2 fur babies:) I actually started this blog because in person I am very shy. I do not talk a lot but am a constant dreamer with a very busy mind. Blogging helps me to get all of my thoughts and ideas down and will hopefully help some of you mommies along the way. My Christmas blog is all about the holiday season. I am very passionate about Christmas…obviously lol. So I wanted to share with my friends, new and old, some holiday cheer. You will find our favorite holiday recipes, games, inspirational warm and fuzzies, and so much more! I love the feeling that I get in my heart around that special time of year. The feelings of warmth, peace, and love that overtake me. I want to feel the joy of Christmas running through my veins all year long, not just for the month of December.

Interesting Facts About Me…

  • I love coffee
  • I dream of having a farm someday
  • I want to open my own 50’s/60’s diner
  • My sister, best friend, and husband are aquarians….(What does this mean!??)
  • I eat Doritos with EVERYTHING!
  • I have an old soul (so I’ve been told)
  • I love hockey
  • I steal the covers…always…
  • I am from Kentucky

I have a background in healthcare, specializing in analysis. However, I have searched for many years to find a way to earn some extra money from home so that I could schedule my work around my life and not my life around work. I want to be my own boss and enjoy everyday with my family. Blogging is the key to this dream. I am just starting this journey and hope that we can be friends along the way! Hope you have enjoyed looking at some of my family photos. I am hoping to get in some of my oldest son at some point. (LOL he literally runs from the camera…can you relate?)


Thank you for visiting! Let’s connect, I’d love to hear your story.


Love, Best Wishes, and Blessings